Yoann Trellu

1999 - 2003: he took part in APO 33 an association programming experimental music concerts in Nantes. His passion for photography lead him to collaborate with musicians, creating slide projection during concert. He quickly switched to video projection and digital media. Between 1999 and 2003 he participates in many audio-visual performances with Nantes based musicians

Parallel to live performances he creates short, abstract, video poems.

In 2003 Yoann Trellu moves to Berlin where he becomes a member of Salon Bruit, participating regularly to concerts and performances.

In 2004 he works for the first time on a dance production. Since 2004 he worked on numerous stage productions with more than 10 different directors in Europe, USA and Asia. Yoann Trellu’s work for stage is specific to each production and includes video shooting, animation, editing, post production and software development.

His personal projects evolve around the notion of alteration, transformation, distortion of the image, often using algorithnic and generative technics.